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VERDA Water Quality Systems
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About Us

In 2019, VERDA™ introduced a turnkey ecosystem of equipment and services that ties together all the elements needed to maintain water treatment and purification in critical areas like infection control and healthcare laboratories.

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Unmatched expertise in water treatment and purification systems.

At VERDA™, we recognize that water quality is a critical cost driver when it comes to maintenance, repair, and replacement of surgical devices and equipment. Our extensive knowledge and expertise have allowed us to develop an ecosystem that is unmatched in the industry.

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Our water conditioning, purification, and real-time cloud-based water quality monitoring systems provide the highest quality water that meets or exceeds AAMI’s water quality guidelines.

What sets us apart?

VERDA Water Quality Systems® have been recognized by the industry for their knowledge and contributions, and serve as standing members or advisors to various committees within Association for Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (“AAMI”). VERDA® currently has standing membership to the working committee authoring AAMI ST108, the new specification that will govern water quality standards for medical device reprocessing; the replacement for AAMI TIR34.

The VERDA™ ecosystem of equipment and services, combined with modern controls technology and its inhouse experts ensures that an investment in a water system is durable, meets current requirements and has built-in flexibility to adapt to new requirements. The facility, its staff and providers can focus on delivering quality care to their patients without the distraction of having to become experts in water quality.

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Peace of mind

All critical characteristics of water quality, and equipment performance are monitored to demonstrate compliance with your stated standards, and ensures efficient and safe operation of the system.

Day after day you are delivering on your promise to your patients and have the data to prove it.

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Quality Policy

The management team and all employees will consistently meet the needs and exceed the expectations of our customers. We will accomplish this through our shared quality values, a system of risk-based thinking and continuous improvement activities, resulting in our leadership within its industry.

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VERDA™ — a subsidiary of mmic™

Mobile Medical International Corporation, dba mmic™ Medical Systems, is a leading provider of U.S. Healthcare Code compliant mobile medical solutions for the surgical workflow and infection control. mmic™ introduced the U.S. Healthcare market’s first mobile operating room in 1996, and the first mobile sterile processing facility in 2012.

VERDA Water Quality Systems®, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mobile Medical International Corporation.


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