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VERDA Water Quality Systems

VERDA Water Quality Systems

Turnkey sterile water reprocessing systems for medical applications encompassed in fully mobile units ready for installation.

  • Totally customizable
  • AAMI ST108 compliant
  • VHA Directive 1116(2) compliant
  • Produces sterile processing utility and critical grade water

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Clean pack sterilized medical tools

Stress-free water quality systems to keep your facility up and running when you need it most.

Certified at the highest level of compliance, VERDA™ Water Quality Systems provide comprehensive solutions tailored to meet your needs, ensuring compliant water supply to a facility undergoing construction, relocation, crisis, and other situations.

VERDA™ Featured on the Beyond Clean Podcast

Listen in on the Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight™ podcast featuring mmic™ Medical Systems & VERDA™ Water Quality Systems, as we talk to industry disruptors Jeffrey Paquet, President & CEO and Rafe Hembree, Regional Business Development about how their teams are equipping Sterile Processing with true compliance.

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Individual performing maintenance on a mobile treatment facility.

Treatment Systems

VERDA™ offers water quality systems dedicated to the sterilization of medical instruments, fully compliant with AAMI ST108 in its design, operation, and monitoring.

  • Produces sterile processing “utility” and “critical” grade water.
  • Micron sediment & carbon filtration to remove particulates & contaminates.
  • Water softening (with salt-free alternatives) and pH balancing options.
  • Reverse osmosis to generate “critical” water for disinfecting.
  • Customizable to meet each hospitals individual need & capacity.
  • Manufactured, palletized, and fully tested before installation.
individual live monitoring water quality systems from a real-time database.

Realtime Monitoring & Reporting

VERDA™ offers a robust assurance monitoring and reporting program with real-time data, data logging and trending, alarms, and reporting designed to meet AAMI ST108 monitoring compliance, system integrity, and reporting for compliance.

  • Real-time monitoring of key water quality parameters with daily, weekly, and monthly reporting.
  • Trending data of “utility” and “critical” water hardness, pH, resistivity, turbidity, temperature, and water filter pressure drops.
  • On-site and remote cloud-based access to real-time and trending data (secured with end-to-end encryption).
  • Monthly compliance reports per AAMI ST108 and VHA Directive 1116(2).
  • Visual, email, and text alert system for water quality parameters.
  • Managed tracking and reporting of key water quality parameters.

Total Care Plans

VERDA™ offers a completely comprehensive service maintenance offering on sterile processing water treatment systems. VERDA™ Total Care Maintenance Plans covers both mmic™ provided and third-party equipment provided by other suppliers.

  • Monthly, quarterly, and annual preventative maintenance parts & labor.
  • 24/7/365 Service Call Center with 2-hour call-back response time.
  • On-site response — one business day (or agreed upon per event).
  • Easily accessible cloud portal for all testing & maintenance records.
  • Maintenance checklist & replenishment of consumables and wear components.
VERDA Water Systems mobile temporary facility.

Mobile & Temporary Services

Our temporary systems are customizable to meet any unique water treatment needs while your existing system is being renovated, upgraded, repaired, or replaced.

  • Temporary sterile processing facilities.
  • AAMI ST108 grade Utility and Critical Water.
  • Duplex pump package systems when facilities dealing with low and unreliable water pressure for SPD operations.
  • Precision Injection pH Balancing Systems.
  • Water Softener Systems for SPD Utility and/or Critical Water use.
  • Utility water heating with recirculation.
  • Cold and hot critical water.

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What sets VERDA™ apart:

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Minimizes Hospital Requirements

No pre-conditioning of municipal feed-water by the hospital required. Softeners, active carbon, micron, sub-micron, and reverse osmosis filtration treat the water while a booster pump system ensures adequate flow and pressure are maintained.

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Real-time Water Quality Monitoring

With a secure cloud-based infrastructure, providing local and remote alarm notifications and historical trend reporting, our monitoring ensures continuous high purity water and supports The Joint Commission accreditation and other quality control auditing.

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Multiple Sampling Ports

Multiple, zero dead-leg, sampling ports enable VERDA to completely validate system compliance at each point of use safely.

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Produces “Utility” and “Critical” Hot Water

Pre-treatment of utility water is an available option that increases medical instrument and infection control processing equipment life.

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Three Levels of Critical Water Disinfecting

Including continuous ultraviolet irradiation and thermal disinfecting of the water supply and monthly chemical disinfecting to maximize bacteria control.

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Continuous, high-flow recirculating critical water

To maximize bacteria control and minimize biofilm growth throughout the piping.

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